Crawlers “Come Over (Again) music video breakdown

Music video breakdown for Crawler’s “Come Over (Again). Featuring a bedroom set build, mirror setups, a shadow band, and 360 shots

We had shot a video for Crawlers a few months previous – but that one was much more straightforward than the plan for this one… we were just playing with light, rather than building a set.

The opening scene was a bedroom. We had flats left over from a build earlier that month, so we set about construction and set dressing the night before, along with a pre-light, so the shoot day could start swiftly.

Fortunately, we have a bedframe we made a few years ago, that gets trotted out for situations such as these – and we also have a mattress and bedding. When the band came in, they helped us put the finishing touches to the place, and once the drum kit was in, we were shooting!

At the planning stages, we were considering using a jib on a dolly to get the overhead shot on the bed that turns into a wide – but as we put the schedule together for the music video, a gimbal on the rails made much more sense for efficiency.

The second setup was the mirror scenes. The bedroom had a cold, melancholy tone, suitable for the opening, but as the harmonies kicked in we wanted some warmth – so we used a combination of panels and tubes to get the soft, warm glow.

We then left the literal sets behind, and created something more figurative. Crawlers pitched us some ideas to play with shadows, the band looming over Holly in the music video, and we ran with it, bringing them into the foreground and having their shadows arced across the cove.

We were almost at the finish line!

The penultimate setup was all about contrast. We shot Holly and Liv separately on the cove, so their shadows didn’t cross, and split the screen in post.

The final scene of the day was the finale, 360 shots round each of the band members, spotlit in black.

Fortunately, the cove has over 100sqft to play in, and complete blackout – so once the curtains are closed, the white wall can look pitch black.

And with that, we were done! Not bad for just over a half day of getting to lark about with some of the nicest people we’ve ever worked with – and just after this video came out, they signed to Polydor.

It was a joy and a privilege to be a small part of their last step before hitting the big time, and it always brings a smile to our faces when we hear them on the radio, or see their continued success across the world.

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