Dead Nature “Falling Down” music video production breakdown

VHS vibes set in an old TV! Practical filters and old-school special effects in-camera! A 6-hour turnaround!

We were Spring King fans back in the day, so when we got an email from Tarek about a set of music videos for his new band, Dead Nature, we jumped at the chance to come on board!

There were no set concepts, so we set about pitching for pretty much every track on the album… And within a few weeks, we lined up to shoot four of them…

Falling Down was the third video we shot for the album, set entirely in an old television, looking like something out of the late 70s / early 80s – in a way, it was an homage to our friend Jon Roseman, who pioneered music video techniques back then…

To pull this together, we decided to shoot everything just like they would in the time period. The camera was locked down, used our panels and tubes to light it, and took our trusty box of filters and 5K lumen projector to create all the effects in-camera.

There were around 10 setups in all, around 2 hours of playing around, shooting the setups one at a time – sometimes looping the camera through the projector, other times playing footage from previous setups over the top of the footage we were currently shooting, to get the double exposures.

Within a few hours we had a cut over to Tarek, and with a few minor adjustments it was signed off – then it was time for the final piece of the puzzle: The retro VHS vibe.

As we were doing everything practically for this video, we ran the entire video into an ancient VHS player (so old it was a toploader, rather than front loader!) recorded it to tape, played it through an even older TV, and filmed the TV screen to get those beautiful moiré micro-distortions.

The final video was shot and edited in 6 hours, released a few days later, and it’s one of our favorite fast-turnaround videos!

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