Memori “Wasted On You” music video production breakdown

Silky soft monochrome film visuals, choreography, playing with reflections, and more!

Memori came to us with a video in mind – so much so that they had drawn out a beautiful storyboard.

One of our directors had just become a Sony Pro Ambassador, and had a brand deal with Nisi, so we this video was shot on a Sony FX9 with the Nisi Black Mist filters – pretty much the entire set stacked, so the imagery was super soft.

The concept was straightforward enough, we used the complete blackout of the cove to stop light coming in, and started with the opening shots.

Those were in the can pretty quickly, and it was on to the next setup. The lovely people at Klutter Studio lent the production some props, and we set the camera up to catch Memori’s reflection – without catching ourselves in the process!
The next setup was where the choreography came in.
The incredible Maria Malone worked out the movements for the hand section, and had rehearsed with Memori ahead of time for this section, so they were well prepared for the shoot.

The last element to shoot was practical smoke for the transitions. Because we knew our edit ahead of time, we were throwing focus in the specific shots to make for natural transitions – in the style of how film would have been shot, and it was just a case of filming the smoke elements to intertwine with the transitions.

With that, the video was done! And because the music video was boarded meticulously, we knew where every shot was going, and the edit was delivered a few hours after the video wrapped!

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