Police Car Collective “Famous” music video production breakdown

Desert scenes shot in the UK?! Filling up music video crowd scenes with ~10 people! Visual effects, and drunk/psychedelic vibes in-camera!

Police Car Collective are one of our favorite returning artists – they’ve meticulously crafted their aesthetic, and every time they come to us for a music video, they know exactly what they want – and this time was no different.

The script was a psychedelic grindhouse vibe, the two leads walking through a desert with a briefcase, a mysterious stranger coming upon them and shooting them, and they wake up in a packed grimy club filled with drink, drugs, and personifications of internet fame.

The only issue was… there aren’t all that many deserts in the UK…

Fortunately, we do all out VFX in-house, so we hopped down to the local beach, shot all the desert footage, took out all the obvious beach vibes and extended the background to be pure desert.

The club was straightforward enough, we’re fortunate enough to have friends that have a couple of venues, so we asked nicely to borrow one of them, and the band called some friends to come down to play. We had about 10-15 people there, which wouldn’t exactly pack a bar out in most situations…

However, we planned ahead for such a situation, and had long cine lenses with us, so we manipulated the field of vision to make the club looked packed out, despite the low numbers.

Half-way through the music video we needed to depict everyone being high/drunk as hell, and for that we brought out our trusty tilt-shift lenses and box of filters, to warp the image and give a glorious haze to the edges.

All-in-all, we were done in about a half day, and it’s one of our favorite music videos, for one of our favorite tracks!

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