Liverpool Studios T&Cs

We try to be flexible with every shoot, but as with all things, there are certain Terms & Conditions…

Deposits & rescheduling
50% of payment must be paid when invoice is received, as a non-refundable deposit to lock your booking in.

The date of the shoot may be changed twice thereafter, before a new deposit will be required.

100% of payment must be paid by day of booking.
Failure of payment will result in a 20% additional charge +VAT.

Insurance & equipment

Unlike other studios, there are no additional charges for basic equipment – modifiers, stands, rails, c-stands, wind-ups, pantographs etc are all included in the hire cost. 

We also include all our lighting, for photography and video, that is available on the day – please discuss your requirements with staff in advance.

We have a technician present during every booking to assist if you are unfamiliar with the equipment. If you are unsure how equipment works, please consult the technician, as any damage to equipment caused by improper use will be billed at full replacement value.

We also include rails and steamers for stylists, and have a fridge, oven and microwave at your avail.

We are fully insured for equipment left in the studio overnight for multi-day bookings.
Any equipment or property left beyond the duration of the shoot will be charged a storage fee of £5 per day per item.

The cove and floor

The booking party assumes responsibility for the condition of the infinity cove, and will leave it as found.
Any damage requiring repainting will be billed at a minimum of £50.
Any damage requiring replastering will be billed at a minimum of £100.

Only Low-Tack masking tape is to be used on the floor for marks – the studio staff can provide low-tack tape in a variety of colors if crew do not have their own.
High-tack tape on the cove will often result in a £50 repainting fee.
High-tack tape, and damage to the main studio floor will result in a £150 repainting fee.

Reduced rate shoots
Every shoot is different, so we always try to be flexible with our rates to suit the budget of each shoot. We’re always happy to negotiate a discount for independent and non-commercial shoots, however that comes with the caveat of having to be flexible with timing.

It’s a rare occurrence, but if a full rate shoot needs the slot allotted to a reduced shoot, we might have to shift you around the schedule a little – but we always try to do what we can to make those far-and-few-between incidents as stress-free as possible, and work within your schedule.

In-house productions

Two rounds of edits are included with quotes for video and photos shot by the studio production team, and in most cases, the first or second draft is the final deliverable.
Whilst we may make minor additional amends on a case-by-case basis, further rounds of edits will be charged per video/photo.

Child Safeguarding policy is available here.
RAs are tailored to each shoot, and available on request.